Thursday, January 16, 2014

Holy Crap, they want to put high-level nuclear waste in limestone!


I wasn't aware of this until now.  High-level waste has heat.  Enough said.

ps.  Dear People, I am sorry for the outburst.  It is just that with all the years I have worked on this, and all the experiments, nobody ever thought to place high-level in limestone.  I am glad that they have very creative people in their organization.  Who would have thought up such a thing?  They want to go with the Cobourg limestone which is the wonderful stuff in the old Wesleyville caverns.  I would think that if they wanted to do the very first scientific work on limestone, they could drain the tunnels and test there.  But I think that real work would spoil the party, so I know that won't happen.

This limestone wears two hats.  You either have it very tight and highly stressed, or loose and fractured on top of a megathrust.  It is full of those nasty invisible joints that got them at Niagara, and the thermal conductivity drops like a stone (ha!) when heated.  As well as a very high thermal expansion.  Such fun!

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