Thursday, August 29, 2013

Growing the M-stuff

Note to conservatives - M stands for Marigolds

Everybody is admitting it - the young guy and the mayor of Toronto.  You should not just relax penalties for possession, since that encourages violent bootleggers, but it should be grown by booze makers, and sold through the LCBO.  The Americans will just have to lump it!

All the extra money should go to education and treatment, since this stuff is deadly when combined with too much booze, nicotine, and other stuff.  Just look at Hollywood starlets, and a certain mayor!

Now for my experience.

A long time ago, I was having my first depressions.  A family member had just tried to commit suicide, and I saw that I was going down the same path (it's hereditary).  With my first drugs, I was told no more booze, and I thought that was so unfair at the cottage.  So I tried something else.

I looked up everything on the Internet, and went to a sleazy Toronto herb-seed store.  I bought the best seeds that were reasonably priced.  You have to get a short-growing variety with extra strength.  The lights provided the most fun for a crazy engineer.  I modified a standard 2-foot fluorescent fixture with 4 T8 bulbs and an electronic ballast.  I mixed high and low temp bulbs.

Now, you have to elevate the plants to be always 2 inches from the bulbs.  The seeds grow, and eventually you can thin out the male plants, which are useless.  Soon you get nice little plants with gobs of sticky flowers.

Now, I had a problem.  I had no reference on whether any of this was real or not, since I had never used it.  The whole house stunk of it, but to me it was a delightful smell.  I never smoked anything in my life, so I dried the flowers, and 'cracked' it in olive oil, using an Internet recipe.  I put them in gelatin capsules.

Did it work?  I'll never know.  The stuff just put me to sleep.  Eventually, I developed big migraines every time I swallowed one.  I think I had one 'Beatles experience' before I fell asleep, once.  My new psychiatrist went nuts when I told him, since he was seeing numerous psychosis cases from this stuff.  I destroyed it all and used my lights for the fishies.

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