Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Canadian Productivity


This is one of my rants, which may or may not make me feel better.  :)  Avid readers may have noticed that I have become calmer over the years, and I rarely take off in a huff any more.  That may be a result of age and good drugs.  Now, we can't talk about drug productivity for depression, since that is improving like gangbusters.

I have observed many Canadian companies and organizations, and you must ask yourselves "In what year are these people living?".

Era of living

Hospitals - 1940

Post Office - 1890

Provincial utility - 1950

Private companies - 1980

Banks - 1990

Most of this stems from the fact that nearly all of the economy is controlled by monopolies of market.  Many other companies fall under the monopoly of labour by the big unions.  Lawyers and engineers charge by the hour.  Non of these places want to improve productivity.

Can you imagine the fate of any bright young thing in a Canadian company who comes up with an idea that fires half the workers?  They are dead!

Once in a blue moon we come up with a big company such as Nortel or Rim.  What happens to them?  Yeah.

Perhaps I am sad because my bright young thing has gone off to California, along with practically everyone else he knows.  Their remaining friends work in the banks.  Can you imagine a deader hand on productivity investment than a Canadian bank?

End of rant.  Let in the new guys for cell phones.

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