Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cottage report - still cool

September weather has come early.  The lake has gone back to being ice cold, and I doubt it will come back up again.  However, the cold water is good for fishing.  I went last evening and didn't catch anything bigger than my Rapala.  Very ambitious little fishies.

Vancouver had a nothing earthquake.  I'm still waiting for the big quake up in Alaska, along that fault.  Now, I have to honest about significant digits in calculations.  You see all those fancy global warming maps, which imply 2 or 3 significant digits.  That's ridiculous!  They always did that in the old company, and the regulator swallowed it up like cotton candy.  The same in Japan with their 10% error of tsunami runup.  People!  These calculations aren't even 1 significant digit (+-10%)!!!

Most of these calculations are in the 'Factor' range, which means up or down a factor of two, or ten.  That's log single digit precision.  But those that do not know 'Basic Physics' like to run with this shit.  :(    My estimates of earthquakes are a factor of 10.

The cold weather has got me doing so much work around the cottage that I had a back spasm.  These are horrible things, but you have to slowly stretch yourself back to normal or you are dead.  I used the sauna and the ice lake for the heat and cold, and took some pills.  Almost back to normal.  The extreme of what can happen if you don't keep your back disks in line, is what happened to a relative.  His neck disks  blew, and nobody in Canada could help him.  He finally went to Germany where they had to open his neck from the front, push away all those tubes, and insert 3 artificial disks.  Wow!

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