Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tomatoes In

Planted the tomatoes today.  I'm not like my old neighbour who obsesses over his.  He has them staked already, and has probably given them their steroids.  :)  They are perfect!  I have a real problem with these things as we disappear to the cottage, just at the time that the weeds attack everything, and the drought hits.  Every year I try something different, and this year I am using landscape cloth, and just letting the plants sprawl.  My neighbour is horrified!  Last year I did this without the cloth, and still got a lot of tomatoes, and I'm hoping the cloth stops contact with the ground, and subsequent rot.  I really want the world's laziest tomatoes!

My estimate on the weather is that we have reverted 10 years.  I hope it isn't 20 years with a freezing June.    I suspect we'll use cottage sauna a bit more this year.  Can't wait to see the 'official' world temperature for this year!  A setback of 10-20 years would be good enough to blow the carbon correlation, I just hope it doesn't go any further!

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