Tuesday, May 21, 2013

State of earthquake insurance in Canada

Somebody had mentioned that this was difficult to get in the GTA, and there was a $25,000 deductible.  I would like some more feedback on this.

If you have a brick house on a swamp, then get the insurance.  The $25k is nothing when the bricks fall off and all the plaster cracks.  You will know you are on a swamp if you felt this last earthquake strongly.  Also you can check the difficulty of sinking post holes.  The main areas are lower Hamilton, High Park and the Beaches.  Although I always think in terms of larger earthquakes, an M5 in the lake basin must be considered extremely likely.

If you are on solid ground you should not have felt this earthquake at ground level.  I'm on hard silt and felt it very lightly on the second floor.  Secure valuable knick-knacks with velcro or seismic wax which you can get on the Internet.  Do not have heavy books and stuff over your bed.  There are some modern houses right in the sag pond of the Hamilton fault.  Secure your stuff!  Get insurance!

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