Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ontario fruit tree spray 2013

Time to put on the second spray after the petals have fallen.  I have some trouble with my pear tree which shows yellow spots.  I completely lost my dwarf cherry tree of 15 years, probably because I couldn't put on super-killer fungicide.  I use a mix of Home Defence and a copper fungicide, fairly strong.  This has proven to be good for the apples and plums, and hopefully the pear tree will produce this year.

Up at the cottage, we have a weak season of blackflies.  These are easily kept at bay on the deck with Off deck candles.  I expect the dragonfly squad to arrive this weekend, which will wipe the blackflies out.  Mosquitoes will now come at night, and a deck candle is good for them.  Costco has the stuff on sale right now.

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