Monday, June 4, 2012

New Italian earthquake within cluster


We are working on the assumption that this series is exactly like Christchurch, in that it is a stressed lowland that only goes to town every few hundred years.  At the end of the series we expect the lowland to have sunk, and the highlands to have risen.

So far we have a nearly perfect ellipse, so perhaps the earthquakes will be contained in this episode, much like a tunnel excavated in rock reorganizes the stresses around it (not the Niagara Tunnel!).  The Christchurch sequence proceeded along a line, and I find it difficult to say it is over.

This earthquake is within the 'stress hole', just on the boundary.  It's not signalling much.  Like Christchurch, though, I am really expecting another large earthquake to the west.  Bad things come in threes!  :)

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