Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linux: No more need for a media server

My most favourite media server Mediatomb has died from lack of interest.  I tried Serviio for a while, but it's terrible.  Then I realized that there is no more need for media servers.  A media server was required for limited playback devices such as the Playstation3.  It performed the necessary conversions, handled the network, and organized the files.  Now I'm using XBMC for the big set, and a small WDTV live unit for the small room.  They have their own media servers built-in, and can deal with the network directly.

You can use NFS, but every directory has to be exported directly.  This is a big pain in the butt, so I just use the Windows network protocol, using Samba.  Both units deal with this quite nicely.  I now have one Linux computer (very old) that is packed with disks.  I don't run anything fancy on it.

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