Monday, October 31, 2011

The seismic inadequacy of zombie houses

We had a nice hike yesterday to the Elora Gorge, near Guelph, Ontario.  Elora has a whole collection of zombie houses that look like they would fare poorly in an earthquake.  Note the lack of of lateral support.  No mortar in the joints.  What PGV is required to knock this thing over?

But more importantly, what are the odds the whole thing will come down and kill all the zombies?  I figure this thing needs a PGV of about 5 cm/s to knock it down, somewhat the same as a Turkish sand building.  But Elora is on solid rock, and is on the footwall of a possible earthquake in Hamilton.  Even with my fantasy earthquake of M6.5 there, I don't think we can get more than 1 cm/s to this building.

And so it will stand, and provide much needed shelter to zombies for generations to come.  :)

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