Monday, May 17, 2010

Geothermal Energy - The next Ontario dream


Canada could technically meet all its electricity needs and dramatically lower greenhouse-gas emissions if it moved aggressively to develop enhanced geothermal power projects, according to the first comprehensive assessment of the country’s deep geothermal resources.

Wind energy is dying, a victim of infra-sound pollution. All those farmers getting angry, and soon they'll be throwing dead cows a Queen's Park!

So what are the politicians going to do? They are addicted to picking technological 'winners', so the next 7 billion dollars will be thrown at geothermal energy, even though most of the world is giving up on it. This is 'hot' rock energy, not the backyard heat-pump devices.

Now, if they drill deep anywhere in Ontario, and inject water, I can guarantee an earthquake. As we know from the Niagara Tunnel, all our rock is at the 'limit state' for horizontal stress. The tiniest disturbance causes it to fail. That is why they have abandoned plans for the waste repository at Bruce (my conclusion from the lack of information!).

Of course, they could inject water into the fault zones of British Columbia. That would be fun!

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