Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secure your wireless router


Yeah, this is like the Darwin awards without people dying! This follows on the big Google fiasco where they were held responsible for people leaving their connections wide open. What dolts! Don't those crazy Germans realize there could have been something much worse than the Google car? :)


Harbles said...

So, no one has heard of Wardriving?
" There are no laws that specifically prohibit or allow wardriving, though many localities have laws against unauthorized access of a computer network. Whether this could be applied to wardriving is unknown, though no one has ever been convicted for it."

Google just did it in a somewhat more methodical way.

If one is too dumb to secure their wifi router then any negative results are the owners fault.

It's like leaving your wallet on the front steps overnight then complaining if it gets stolen.

crf said...

"he did not have the software needed to download child abuse images ..."

there's an app for that.