Monday, May 10, 2010

Roundup Back in Ontario

We suffered under the McGinty Putsch of anything that kills anything. That meant all the good sprays were gone! Weeds sprang up all over the driveway, my fruit trees nearly all died.

Most missed was my Roundup, which I thought strange. It's just a simple enzyme which clogs up plant circulation in 7 days. The soil bacteria find it yummy. It's just that you have to make sure it never reaches open water, and you probably shouldn't swallow it. But, it is involved with Genetically Modified crops, and is the enemy of the greeny-weenies.

Now, it's back at Walmart, and nobody knows about it! According to my friend, the suburbanites are still organizing smuggling runs from the States. And the nasty guy at Rona (whom I hate with a passion!) sneered and said I'll never see it for the rest of my life! Pooh on him!

In the meantime, I had made my own solution of vinegar and tsp (a detergent). This is devastating on dandelions (which are resistant to pure Roundup), but ineffective on some other weeds, like that creeping Charlie, or whatever it is.

I now add a tablespoon of Roundup to the spray bottle. This immediately stops growth, but you have to put on a few thin layers to finally kill the weeds. The grass can still recover, since the broadleaf plants suck up more of it.

For the fruit trees, I mixed up some organic copper or sulfur, which is legal, and then I put in a slug of Home Defense, which is for the house, but is the same stuff as I used to put on the fruit trees. Don't tell anybody!!! But, man, it works!

Top secret! :)

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