Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh the Heck with Google!

So, I won't get anymore wine money from those oh, so, corporate, black suits. Who cares? I'll just write a very little amount without it. They lost a big fan. I'll wait for some other source of wine money, some of those products I have reviewed owe me a lot! Amazon is coming full force to Canada! And I'm still not allowed to say "Click on the Damn Ads or I Quit" That's a big bo-bo in the ads world.

After the big splash about Beckygate, I have mixed feelings. Do you know without me gone, those tunnel guys don't even do their reports?

But I stand by my estimate of 4-5 billion, since it is a cost-plus contract now. I don't think the people contacting Mr. Gallant have a clue, since it isn't about a Canadian contractor. It's about a circular cross-section! I'm just amazed there seems to be no great public reaction about this.

How about that volcano? Such a tiny thing! (in the world of volcanoes). All the problems were caused by the 650 m of ice. I was thinking of a title "Global Warming Insufficient to Save Europe"

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