Monday, April 5, 2010

Niagara Tunnel Beavers Away

Oh, I can't say that word! All the spam filters will filterize it!

March 31st 2010 -

The TBM is at 6,469.5 meters. There is up to 1 meter over-break. Elevation is 91 meters below the surface. Daily mining average is 15 meters.

The Invert Concrete Carrier is at 4,525 meters.

The Overbreak/Restoration Carrier is at 800 meters. This operation will be between 800 meters and 1,400 meters for a period of time as the carrier has to go back and forth several times.

Note that the overbreak filler has been stuck at exactly the same place for months!

Note that nobody is talking about the final cost anymore. That's because they're not holding the contractor to anything. OPG is paying cost-plus, and the contractor is happy-happy. They've opened up a full tap to the 'Stranded Asset' debt machine, and everything is full blast! We may never know the cost, since sucking on debt has always been off the books.


Harbles said...

You heard about this guy?
Got busted in the sewers under Toronto last night.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah! The old stupidity defence! Works every time!

Anonymous said...

how do you know they went cost plus? that seems ridiculous....

Harold Asmis said...

There was an article by another guy who was looking into their use of the stranded asset debt. Apparently there are no more legal proceedings with the contractor on the original $1 billion cost, and OPG has capitulated. I'd be happy for someone to tell me different. Besides, that $1.6 billion 'recosting' is now ridiculous. With the liner stuck, I estimate the cost to be more than twice that.