Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Everybody

Now that trumpypants was elected, I can say that to everybody.  :)  It is meant well, and we shall put the word 'Christmas' in a non-offensive category.

That said, it's all about the toys!  I got a Google Home, which was snuck over the border by my son.  Google was expecting people to do this, because the required app is now on the Canadian Google Play store, if there is such a thing.  My son was expecting to go through a proxy.  It's lots of fun for the first 5 minutes when everybody is yelling.  I have a feeling these things will go the way of the smart watch, but who knows?

With that, we got some wifi light bulbs.  I can put them somewhere and tell Google to 'Turn off the damn lights!', like I yell at my twenty-somethings, but Google will listen.  :)

For my new computer, I'm finally abandoning the standard tower, and going for small format with 2.5 inch disks.  I've used the same two cases for a long time now, and one of them is going to the steel mill.  Progress is wonderful.

The Oklahoma earthquakes are off and on, so I think everybody will enjoy the trumpy inaug party where all the poutinologists of the free world will come together.  I hope the trains run on time.  :)

ps.  our first-ever goose for Christmas.

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