Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ontario cottage country gets empty


This happened before when gas spiked, or housing crashed, or stagflation, whatever.  Cottage country became emptier on the weekends.  I've noticed this now, with the lake fairly empty, and no traffic on the roads.  I suppose that people will still try to get in their 2 weeks.  Last weekend was the first time I saw a super boat doing it's 30 second run.  This type of boat has such a huge motor, it sounds like an airplane, and all you see it do is cover the north half of the lake in 30 seconds, then it does the south half, then it pays $100 for gas.  Not many of those any more, and no float planes.

This usually indicates a cottage and housing crash.  Hold on to your hats!  :)


Peter said...

Someone should tell all those people who get in my way on 400/11 every time I try and go home to visit the family for a weekend.

Other than the guys that are in the boat racing series I've never understood why anyone would have one of those super boats

beachbuzz said...

The 401 sure doesn't seem less congested on weekends. And in our area, Thunder Beach on Georgian Bay, the summer is busy as always.

Maybe the high price of gas has been offset by the high temperatures and the need to get out of the city.

Our cottage is up for sale, and we've had quite a bit of buyer traffic, including offers within the first week. So no noticeable slowdown there either. Check out beachfront cottage

I think as long as interest rates stay at historic lows, and as long as you can reach the cottage within 90 minutes from Toronto, the market will stay stable.

And yes, I absolutely cannot understand anyone driving those beastly gas-guzzling noise-polluting macho machines.