Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Tsunami Physics


After the twin earthquake and tsunami disaster, Chubu Electric planned to build a more than 12-metre-high seawall at the Hamaoka plant.
But it revised that and decided to build an 18-metre-high wall, taking into consideration that 15 metre-high tsunami waves tore into the Fukushima Daiichi plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Doesn't look good for Japan if they can't do basic physics.  That 15 m was on open unobstructed sea.  If they put in a long seawall, you must take into account the momentum of the water.  That runup is many times this level.  The water literally jumps over the seawall.  Better they take the backup generators out of the basement!

Besides, these old reactors will never survive the seismic shaking.  If they go ahead with their stress testing (and they are honest) none of these reactors can operate.

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