Friday, November 13, 2009

Nevada more contaminated than Port Hope


Over 41 years, the federal government detonated 921 nuclear warheads underground at the Nevada Test Site, 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Each explosion deposited a toxic load of radioactivity into the ground and, in some cases, directly into aquifers.

Good old Reid-country is on a new kick to suck money from Obama. This water moves so slowly that it will take 6000 years to reach the nearest pitiful community (I'm sure the dust got there a lot sooner!). Nevertheless, Nevada wants compensation for all that water!

Forget the fact that they sucked all the money out of California with their gambling, they want more!

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Silver Fox said...

Ah, those Californians are just suckers, I don't feel sorry for them. Out in these here parts, all the signs say "Elect Anyone, BUTT Harry Reid." He just wants money for Vegas.