Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Panic as a Recreational Sport

I was wondering the other day about the consequences of having no faith in government institutions. What if they were all run by toadies, like the atomic circus, or the old company? Now I know.

There has been a total takeover by toadies, and not one credible spokesperson remains. When we had the SARS crisis, we had the icy stare of the late Sheela Basrur. Now, we had nobody for the Listeria crisis, and we have nobody for swine flu.

If the concept of the atomic regulator arriving at a nuclear crisis gives you the impression of a dumping clown car, what are we to do?

PANIC! That's our only choice. Make it a really good 'full-release' panic. Run up and down the street, with your arms waving, and yelling at the top of your voice. SWINE FLU WILL KILL US ALL! THE NUCLEAR PLANT IS GOING TO BLOW! IT'S A GREAT DEPRESSION!

Shut down the economy! Flee Pickering! Buy Gold! If we have enough really good panics, then maybe something will happen in Political Paradise. Or maybe not...

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