Monday, April 20, 2009

Nirvana of Fusion


I always follow this stuff, like cold fusion. Promises like this have the effect of diverting attention from pressing problems. I wish them luck, but from an engineering point of view, this has its problems.


Harbles said...

One can always hope. It seems that Fusion power has been '30-50 years' away for the last 50 years. lol.
The big guys have the additional goal of verifying computer modeling of the early stages of nuclear ignition in weapons to get more confidence so actual full up weapons tests won't be needed.

Cold Fusion has been making a comeback lately. It needs a theorist to explain how it works then people will believe.
Inertial Electrostatic Fusion has been getting some attention lately as well.
I don't think the Tokamak Magnetic Confinement will be practical but they are pumping big bucs into this demo plant.

Mr Fusion please.. here's brown banana peel and used coffee grounds.

Silver Fox said...

Maybe the key is "give me $50 million" - I could do a lot with $50 million also (although I wouldn't research cold fusion with it).