Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Linux blob sucks in talent

The Linux monster sucks in more talent than available. If you are young, go into this!

The article says they need computer administrators that were typical in 1988. That's me! I was a great computer admin in 1988. We had Sun systems, Novell networking, DEC minicomputers, and that pesky MS for word processing. I put it all together!

If nobody does any clicking on my blog, I want this job again! I know that this earthquake biz is a loser, as long as we don't have any earthquakes, and who can wait for that? You can offer me a job putting together a Linux system to push out MS. I'd love to take the screws to those guys! Of course, MS could pay me not to do it, like they're paying Novell to cause trouble with Red Hat. I also have a soft spot for Sun, who tries so hard not to be a loser! (L!!).

So, for my ideal job, I'd be the 'visionary' behind organizing a big Linux system, with some Sun servers thrown in, and getting MS mad! Of course, I'd want lots of money for myself, and lots of money to spend on toys! In fact, as a true uber-geek, the toy-money is more important! Of course, I'd keep a blog a called "Na-na MS!", with a logo of Jagger lips and tongue!

I remember the first Sun server I got came with seismic restraints! How cool is that?

Please send me your offers! I'll consider them as long as I don't have to work too hard, and I get to keep my noon snoozes.

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