Friday, August 22, 2008

Bruce Power Goes for the Gold

It brightens my day to see what Bruce Power is doing next. They love to push the frontiers of good practice! They are now involved with a proposed plant in Turkey.

Bruce Power, like all nuclear plant operators, loves to follow what I call the "Steroid Rule of Geology" -- if you don't do anything, then the public believes you are clean. This has helped some countries in the Olympics tremendously, and is also good for the NHL.

In fact, they are probably locating this Turkey plant near an ancient city destroyed by a monster earthquake. I hope they develop it as a tourist attraction, since I would love to go! Of course, Bruce Power knows that these old earthquakes are 'so yesterday', and have nothing to do with the modern world.

I understand the Philippines want to build a nuclear plant on an active volcano. My hope is that Bruce Power is right on this, to give me another happy day!

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