Monday, August 25, 2008

Birdy-Whirlies are also Bat Bashers!

Once again, I have dredged something up about killer windmills! I really hate those things, most of the summer there's no wind, and then these things all whip up on a cool breezy day like today, when nobody wants the power! Have you seen all the giant turbine blades and towers going down the 401, in monster lane-blocking trucks?

Now, I find they are killing my cute little bats! These guys have it tough enough with that fuzzy nose disease going around. I usually have a few bats staying at the cottage, although I haven't heard much from them this summer. Maybe they got killed by a windmill!

And don't tell me they don't find many dead things around the windmills! They've got legions of trained cats, ready to swallow any evidence! I'm waiting to see one of Science Notes cat pictures showing a cat with a full mouth saying "Evidenz, what evidenz?"

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