Sunday, May 3, 2015

Waiting for the big one

Today is my birthday.  As with all the other countless birthdays, I don't feel any older.  I took early retirement from the psychological torture chamber, known as the old company, and I've been feeling wonderful ever since.

My shrink always asks me how I'm doing in retirement, and I tell him that as long as I have Oklahoma everything is golden.  On my birthday I'm waiting for the OK big one.  I feel totally vindicated now, but this would be icing on the cake, as it would bring my latest Dilation Hypothesis into the world.

We had our storm with M4's, and now are in the stationary phase.  All earthquakes have stopped, except they are popping off all over the place.

Michigan, for goodness sake, who saw that coming?  After OK blows, this injection site will be my new thing.  Have to wait for a few more, though, and they actually have to find the injection point.  :)  If it exists.

I feel in my bones that OK will have it's quake today.  If it's very deep, then it won't do anything.  We'll just wait for the next, and the one after that.  That's what I want for my birthday, a nice deep quake along one of the main fault, strike-slip, and it doesn't do any worse than what's already been done.  They can save the big Nepalish thrust for another day.  :)

Further birthday thought:  If they aren't injection, then far earthquakes may be caused by the OK strain field.  With the entire crust being at the limit state, there is no distance limit on disturbance.  When the dilation for the M7 starts we'll see earthquakes popping off all over Eastern North America.

Nah, it's injection:  

Earthquakes always happen when they decide to put the corrosive fracking waste in.  The price keeps going up and new people try.  Can't wait to see what will happen in Texas - always someone trying it there.

Irving, Texas M3.2, but Intensity 5.  Yeah for Texas!  I knew they'd come through for my birthday.  :)

Still waiting for my Okie 5

Final:  small activity has started up again - prediction failed.  :(

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