Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cottage Report

Despite the horribly cold winter the ice went out of the lake on time, and we even were able to open up a week before long weekend.  So we haven't quite gone back to the 70's.  We were totally dying with heat, trying to sleep on Saturday night, and the water was so icy it didn't even cool you off if you dangled your feet in it.  That's because all the blood in the feet instantly stopped, and so numb there was no pain.  :)  Half an hour later when you felt your feet again, you were hot.

Nothing is worse than blackflies and super-heat.  You try to do some work totally covered with a net jacket and soon the sweat pours like a waterfall into your eyes.  I gave up soon, but the ladies were troopers.  :)  Those Off Lamps were great on the deck.

It's so nice when everything works and there are no big disasters.

The oak leaves are just itty-bitty things.

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Is that looking NNE ?