Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Physics Lecture - The Basic Rules of Physics - Tail and Dog Part 1


As I've said, all pithy comments now go in my g+ collections.  I can't help it if I'm the only one on this.  I've followed every Google Titanic to the bottom, and the same goes for this.  That's what happens when anti-social super-nerds try to take over the world.

You can't do full articles on social media, so the blog has to stay for a while.  I throw these over the wall, not expecting any comment.  As one commenter hinted at, maybe powerful people read this.  If they do, I don't want to hear about it.  :)

Today's Rule of Physics:

Rule 1: The Tail Cannot Wag the Dog

The inspiration for this came from the above article, when the warmers are trying to bring in selective physics.  My only objection to this whole thing was the lack of physics.  Now they are bringing a little physics, they have opened the floodgates, to put this whole thing in the Physics World.

The Original Gore-ist Hypothesis:  Carbon is the major influence on global temperatures, by an order of magnitude, at least.  Although no physical measurements support this, it works through a 'magical' link with water vapour, and various mysteries in the stratosphere.  If the insulating factor rises linearly, as in the graphs, then temperature must rise exponentially, which is basic physics.  Our children will bake in a New Venus.

For Rule 1, we figure out what is the dog, and what is the tail.  A dog must be orders of magnitude (10 to 1000) more than the tail.  Lets look at heat energy.  Heat energy is defined as the potential to do work, in this case, to fry us.  Temperature alone is not enough, the spark from a fireworks sparkler is super hot, but cannot turn you to ash.

-that's all I can write right now.  More to come, with pictures even.

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