Thursday, December 25, 2014

Year-End Summary of Eastern Earthquakes - Part 2

In those old days, the company was divided into the "Force", and "Darkness".  You can guess what side I was on - Design and Development.  We lived on debt for new plants, and all that shut down.  Everything went dark when when the 'Factory' took over -- all they were interested in were Soviet production numbers at any cost.  You can see the result with the early destruction of Darlington, and no hope with the refurb.

I had one last hurray when we drilled the famous 'Fault under Pickering'.  Just like California, somebody put great stock into a visible surface fault.  We drilled it and found out it was only shallow and the main bedrock was undisturbed.  I knew all this, but I needed the money.  :)

My last days were under great depression, and I never did anything interesting, but I retired as soon as I could, and it took two years to heal.  But then I felt great, and decided to review all this in order to clarify the great mystery of ENA earthquakes.

What finally woke me up was the injection of fracking wastes in Arkansas.

-whoops, present time!

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