Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The most horrible day

This is total fiction, straight from Homer.  I'm using first person as a literary device.

This old guy I know met me and the puppy in the valley.  He wanted to pump me on more computer stuff, so we had coffee at his place.  He had this green parakeet for umpteen years, even though it bites him all the time.  I've visited often with the old dog, and the bird stays out of the way.

So he let the bird out of the cage, even though I was worried, but Roxie the puppy showed no interest.  She just wanted his breakfast.  Then as we are at the computer, the bird goes nuts, and flies straight towards Roxie's mouth.  The dog caught the frisbee, then spat it out because of the yucky feathers.  End of story.   :(

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