Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Old guy on Google

It is my greatest challenge to get my old guy on Google.  He went into a store to get the cheapest phone available, and he got a Chinese Android phone.  He wants the cheapest plan.  I'm writing this to see if he can actually read it.

He is the head of an outdoors club, and wants to do a lot of stuff on the Internet, like crop and send photos, and set up web pages.  Unfortunately, I recent spent and hour explaining cut and paste.  So the best thing for him is to abandon his attachment to MS outlook, since that is really not for simple things.  It's funny that he got a whole bunch of books from the library, and not one of them has the same layout as his version of Office.  I can't even figure out where his contacts are.

So people, give up on MS.  With g+ he can crop his pictures and send them to people.  g-drive gives a very simple document editor.  gmail takes out the spam.  Chrome stops his computer from becoming a spambot, and he really should have got a chromebox or book.  He can now read mail on his phone, when he gets a dataplan.  All wonderful

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