Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big Compost Machine

For 20 years I've had compost barrels, and for 20 years the whiny neighbours have complained of the stink on hot days, and the clouds of fruit flies.  Pooey on them!  I've saved the City millions and get good compost for the garden.  For extra measure, I did an annual 'Empty the Barrels Day', where I dumped the barrels and remixed.  The problem with barrels is that no matter how careful I was with stirring and stuff, there were always pockets of anaerobic junk (no oxygen).  On Barrel Day, the stink covered the whole neighbourhood!

I don't like the people at the back, but the other neighbours are nice, so I decided to change.  I got a big Compost 400.

This is huge, and you can get it delivered from Home De-pot.  I emptied all the barrels into it, and rotated a lot.  Doesn't stink and continuously spits out good compost.  No more Barrel Day!  Because I don't like those guys who complained (I passed the City Compost Police!), I'm adding the dog poops.  They don't recommend this because of disease and such.  Heck!  I have a puppy dog who slobbers and drools all over us, we shared all our microbes.  Amazingly it handles the poops very well.  I am not surprised since I have the company's ShitMaster 2000 (tm) at the cottage.  I am a certified Shit Meister, with my diploma, obtained from a nice Island College, which also does MBA's.

The drama for the neighbourhood has ended.  Everybody should get one!

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