Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablets - the cry for the old physics Java applets

My poor teacher friend.  He is a science and computer geek at heart, lost in a big private high school.  Every time they come up with a 'Good Idea', they smash him down.  First, they went totally MS, and he had to find a way to run Linux on sticks.  Now, it's all ipads for every one, and he's been sent away from techie stuff, since they don't like to hear him crying.

He loved all those MIT Java applets, that showed how gravity works, and other things important for posh students.  However, we know we can't run Java on the new things.  I looked it up for Android, and it has nothing to do with the Oracle lawsuit, it is just the conversion from keyboard-mouse, to touch.  The old things have to be updated, and who is going to do it?  I found out it's getting to the point where I can run Linux on my Nexus 7, and then I could run Java, but I can't see it working very well.  And I know this is going to be more hopeless for the i-world.

The concept of 'write once, run anywhere' is dead.  Nobody is interested.  The US educators are falling off the Fiscal Cliff.  Will they have to write 2 new versions of the old Java applets.  Not going to happen, and my friend screams in the dark once again.  Anybody know better?

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