Friday, December 14, 2012

Male depression and machine guns from vending machines

So, another shooting, each time using more powerful weapons with machine-gun speeds.  I can only say that I am sorry, but, like earthquakes, you can expect much worse in the future.

I am an expert in male depression, since I have it.  :).  It is totally curable with a few simple pills, but hardly anybody takes them.  Hollywood makes it manly to 'fight' the depression with booze and vengeance.   I don't know how many movies I've seen that screw up male depression;  and, be assured, all of these shootings involve suicidal people who want something more than just blowing their head off.

So, try and take your local depressive to the doctor, but it will be nearly impossible.  We eagerly await a good blood test to positively identify it.  I am thinking of doing that open genetic thing, just to see if anybody can figure out the switches that turn it on.

So, basically, if depression hits a male, he will turn to thoughts of suicide, and start drinking a lot.  The drinking doesn't help.  I thought long and hard about suicide, but no easy way appealed to me.  In Canada, we can't get guns easily, and everybody fences off high drops.  The subway is yucky and you may survive.

So, at the time, if I could go to the local vending machine and get a shotgun, then it would be over.  Even better, if I could get a super-powerful assault rifle with a thousand rounds.  I always had dreams of shooting those things!  Failing all that, however, I did the more difficult thing and went to the doctor.  Aren't we lucky we have free medical!  Imagine in States, where it is cheaper to get the gun.

No moralizing here, since nothing will change in the US.  The bright side is that no terrorist suicide bomber would ever get noticed down there, and so they give up.  My nephew lives down in Connecticut, I hope everything is ok.


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