Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wind farm infrasound pollution

I have lots of old posts on this, and I had a CBC reporter contact me.  Now, you know my luck with the media, being ugly doesn't help.  But he wanted my contact with the Wolfe Island wind farm, and I can't remember anything.  Yeah Oldtimer's Disease!

But with all the gov't scientists being padlocked and vapourized, who would ever follow through on this?

Geofish Hypothesis

Giant wind farms periodically sync up and produce large volumes of infrasonic pollution, which drives people bonkers.

Method of Investigation

Fact:  wind farms do sync up as measured in England, using broadband seismometers.

Investigation:  do the same measurements in North America.  Chances:  zip!  Who would do this?

Investigation:  Impact of infrasound on humans.  Complication:  people live over subways.  Is there something about periodic noise at night?  Can people adapt only with a certain background noise level?  Are country people more likely to be affected?

Fact:  The Windsor Hum has had a detrimental effect.

Resources Required:  tests on human subjects using a giant acoustic chamber.  Again, who will do this?

This whole issue is being deliberately ignored, since nobody wants to open this can of worms.

Italian Disclaimer

The above was scientific opinion.  As such, it is subject to uncertainty.  Do not:

Invest your life savings in the stock market based on this.
Microwave your cat.
Stay in a house comprised of loose bricks.

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