Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LInux: Remember to bring in UVC on a new kernel

With all my horrible kde problems (before I gave it up and went to xfce), I went to compiling the latest kernels.  I didn't want to do this, since I use Debian, and thought those 'Debian Patches' were important. Turns out they're not.  Anyway, even though I used the same .config (configuration file), the dang drivers for my Logitech webcam did not compile by default.  So I had to bury into the infinite number of options for a new kernel and find it.  Once I checked that off, and did the usual things, the webcam now works perfectly.

If you have an Nvidia card, and use the Nouveau drivers, you really should be using the latest stable kernel - 3.6.3  (this will change by tomorrow!).

Update:  Yuck!  The webcam, wireless usb mouse, and the Wacom tablet all fight!  I had to unplug the Wacom.

Update2:  usb devices suck up available bandwidth and the very few interrupts.  I could put in a new card, but they have trouble with interrupts.  I just have to spread the devices between different computers.  For example the webcam reserves the whole bandwidth.  My scanner went to another computer.  More reason to keep old computers around running Linux.  :)

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