Monday, October 22, 2012

Virgin Islands earthquake swarm continues

This is the most active earthquake swarm on the planet right now.  The earthquakes are very deep, and at this corner it is difficult to say whether the slab is pure subduction, or being wrenched into strike-slip.

Obviously we have simple subduction at the front of the Caribbean Plate push.  Montserrat is a fine example of an active subduction volcano.  But more to the side, as in Haiti, we have strike-slip forces.

Anyway this swarm is a fine example of how useless they are in predicting a larger quake.  :)  Somebody should tell the Italians!

Extra thoughts:  A possible earthquake would have low PGV, but a high chance of a big tsunami.  These guys are rich enough to have a tsunami education program, with sirens and drills.

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