Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foreign student Interns for growing businesses

The following is an unpaid non-political advertisement for my son Daniel.

Are you actually succeeding in the Ontario economy?

Do you do business in other countries?

Then you might benefit from some cheap labour that is highly effective.

AIESEC provides student interns from other countries to help with your business.  This helps Ontario students in a general trade of positions.  From what I've seen this is a very effective labour market.  As we know, things are tough for university graduates, but they have a real advantage in locating overseas, in that they know languages, and cultural ties.  If you are exporting to, say, South America, you can benefit greatly from getting an intern from there.  You are basically just paying for room and board, and the organization takes care of everything.

Contact this honest, hard-working guy looking for a job.

Daniel Asmis

daniel.asmis on gmail

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