Friday, February 24, 2012

Earthquakes while I was gone

You will recall we had a whole week without a single earthquake in the east!  I was depressed that I would never have anything to write about, but they came back, like the snow!

Look at that!  West Texas, Okie, luv ya!  I knew you'd never stop pumping!

Today, I am most interested in the old New Madrid zone.  That centre bit is the thrust zone, and historical seismicity has a big NE shear wing zooming to the north of it, but this has been remarkably quiet in the last 6 months, and you wouldn't even know it existed!  It might be coming back.

The big question about  these zones is when do they stop growing?  Can we say at any point that this or that zone has completely shot its load?  I think they must keep growing if they get water, but this big zone stirs some doubts.  If it grows, I expect the thrust zone will get longer and there may be new shear wings, just like that little spurt on the thrust zone at the bottom (Dyersburg).

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