Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Alberta Nuclear Plant -- Bruce gives up on another phony plan


Ontario's Bruce Power announced it will no longer advance the option for a new nuclear plant in Alberta that has been under consideration by the company since 2007.

This is actually a great Christmas story.

Once upon a time, Santa Bruce decided to give a gift to a poor shivering orphan - AECL.  Said sb:  "You are dying and nobody wants you.  We may have need of you in the future, and don't want you to go to a miserable death.  We will make up all sorts of plans for new nuclear plants on the worst sites so that Sugar Daddy Harper continues to pump you full of money.

First we will propose a plant up in Bruce on land we don't own.  What a hoot!   Then we'll go down to Lake Erie and propose a plant on a lake that totally freezes up for the half the year.  Everybody will be stunned!  Finally, off to Alberta and propose a plant with no water, on a mountain fault zone.  Those Albertans will be knocked off their cows!"

Little AECL looked up with her seal-baby eyes:  "But Geofish will figure out everything instantly."  sb:  "Nobody listens to him!"

Needless to say AECL passed on and lost the ACR baby.  All of the nuclear plans were returned.

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