Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Like Geofish Totally Nails this Earthquake!

Yeah I totally predicted it! I just felt earthquakey, and wrote my first installment on my new blogelnovelette. It must have been the electromagnetic energy radiating from the magic stones!

Wow, the comments have been amazing! The nuclear plants have called me, but they won't get through, since my wife is talking to everybody about the earthquake! This sloshed coffee in Toronto! Can you imagine the total wasted coffee? Must be millions!

Ottawa has had power blackouts, buildings evacuated. I'm waiting for landslide reports, but these guys won't have the phones working! The nuclear regulator, CNSC-toadies, probably don't have their phones working! Remember to try to call them!

This is fun, until I find out somebody was killed. Most likely, nobody got injured. We've been lucky that way, no earthquakes where it would really hurt, just way out on rock, in the middle of nowhere. Now under Toronto..... well, stay tuned to the story.....


Anonymous said...

Wow! I bet you are getting a ton of hits! Love the updates- very helpful for everyone.

Harbles said...

USGS is all over this, Natural Resources Canada not so much. An hour after relatively minor event their emergency website still bogged down.
So does it make sense that we felt it here about 2 minutes after the official time? They say 1:41:41 and I noted 1:43:30 .