Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bay Sleazy

This is one of my rare consumer stories. We bought a Timex watch at the Bay, and it never kept time. But we lost the receipt. So, taking it back was a nightmare! First, the girls didn't want to help anybody, they were chit-chatting with each other. Finally, you could tear one away by being obnoxious. She immediately tears back: "How do we know you bought it here?". "Because I was stupid enough to buy it here. Can't you trace by the credit card like most normal stores?". "No, How do you expect us to do that?".

"The watch is defective, you have to exchange it." "No we don't!"

They sent my wife to the very nice clock man who checked the battery and said the watch is defective.". But no hope getting it exchanged.

I'm now contacting Timex Canada. Hopefully, they have an enlightened 'fix-up' policy, like Oakley, or some other places. But I'm not holding my breath.

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