Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Downgraded to M5.0

Ok, no landslides, nobody killed, just a puny M5.0 in the middle of nowhere. Can't really do anything at that level. Everybody go back to blissful ignorance.....

I've been increasing my novelette.

You just experienced an earthquake, and you are stunned. You've never experienced anything like this in Toronto, and nobody warned you. What the heck just happened? It started with a loud buzz and rumble, like a big truck rolling by, and then the house started to shake, and everything started crashing. You just awoke in the middle of the night, and all the power is off. Going to be tricky, since this is January, and it's 20 below outside.

All you hear are car and house alarms, wasting their batteries. Where's some light? Luckily, you have been somewhat paranoid, and have a flashlight in your night-table. "I'm glad I listened to that crazy earthquake guy."

The light goes on. Shit! I'm glad I didn't have that trophy case near my bed! Your memorial World Cup solid brass wuwuzela has punched a big hole through your computer keyboard! Could have been my head!

You are a typical young person, living in a trendy house on the beach in Toronto. As you go through the house, you see other shelves and items thrown to the floor. It's a bit more than the stuff you usually throw on the floor! Oh, I have to phone Hank about this, and you pick up your iPhone20, with the hologram display, and use the 3D finger gestures. Damn! No signal! Double damn, no internet! You give the phone the finger, and it starts playing 'Eye of the Tiger'.

It's starting to get cold. Good thing my electric car is charged up, I can get out of here! You look outside, and the snow is starting to cover a giant pile of bricks that covers your car. Should've had that chimney fixed up years ago!


Harbles said...

An interesting google search.

ontario nuclear plant seismic event reporting

Harold Asmis said...

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