Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ottawa Tunnel Proceeds


This is cute. I shall be following the plan, with great interest.


Anonymous said...

Harold, it merits great interest. Given the route under tall buildings, the tunnel would have to go deep, dodging pilings and basements and springs. Maps of Ottawa show an incredible number of hidden water flows through the shale and limestone.
Having followed the cut and cover tunnel on Sheppard in Toronto (10 km, 1 billion dollars)I imagine that even a 3 km long tunnel under leaky Ottawa would cost 2 billion, if started right now, before the lawsuits begin.
This project is difficult, but even the Boston Big Dig was feasible, given enough liquid nitrogen and money.
The Ottawa tunnel is ill-conceived, will take twice the time and money expected, spring many leaks, and curse all of us.

Harold Asmis said...

But you know, for 2 billion, it could be done, if you expected the worst. A lot of these works are financial disasters because they 'plunge' into them all la-la innocent. :)