Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Linux - Fun with Wacom

I decided to get my wacom working again.  It's a really nice big tablet, usb, and I have used it for many drawings.  It doesn't help to have no artistic talent, but I want to draw a nice symbol for airbnb.  We are going to California, and that web site is great.  Too bad Quebec is at war with it.  They can join Kansas with its state bill banning uber.  They're all hicks anyway.  :)

So, I always use the latest kernels, and I couldn't find it!  This is just like trying to find something at costco, they always move it.  I went through at least 10 reboots, and a ton of useless things.  Finally, the stupid driver is under HID drivers, and again under special usb drivers.  Think I could find that anywhere?  Anyway, once you click that then everything is golden.  I hate Linux.  I love Linux .......

Update:  This was going to be my symbol, of our crazy dog, but they have their own symbol-bot.  :)

I traced another picture, with the calligraphy tool on a very heavy gravity (smoothing), using Inkscape.

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