Monday, April 20, 2015

Download is Dead, Bring Forth the Stream

The cooperative network of bittorrent has been thoroughly smashed by the slimy lawyers of the home box office.  They have sent depressing letters everywhere, and thus depressed the new economy by 2 points, throwing thousands out work.  Their infamy is now a close second to the Sony rootkit, and we know what happened to that company.

So, go sic 'em, my Mad Russians.  Nobody will morn.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Mr. boxoffice.

Now, instead of mutual cooperation, we will go to single-channel streaming sites, where they serve us every sort of porn ads.  All of it not covered by 'harperism put everybody in jail'.  When they do make a new law, we know what will happen to it.

So remove 'download' from your lexicon, everything is 'stream'.  I promise harp-nose that I will never 'download' again, I'm a stream-boy now!

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