Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ottawa Graben for Ottawa Tunnel

I'm plain excited that they are going to put a 2 billion dollar tunnel in there, without paying much attention to the geology. People accuse me of being overly gloomy about self-similar organizations being able to do anything. But the only way to accumulate evidence about this is if they try to build something! Otherwise, I'm whistling in the dark.

Digression: We know about the billions of dollars in airline security being a total waste (by self-similar thugs), when some well-known Allie Kadie waltzes on board with a bomb. Here's the next thing. Three days ago, some US people flew up to here. They were force to check their carry-on, which the airline promptly lost for the whole group! They still haven't received anything! Next thing we'll have to do, is strip naked and crawl like a dog, and it still won't do anything! Of course, now they realize they need a full 'profile' of every flier, so they'll probe all your income tax statements, and what you do in your bedroom. Ah, the joy of flying, how much will people take?

So, back to Ottawa. Here was my first attempt on a really bad site. We've got one of the megathrusts ramming into a failed ocean (graben). The graben is much younger, and survives intact.

I didn't realize that the city is jammed up against the northern wall of the graben. Maybe this is good, but it is also at a 'kink', which is bad when that kink may be caused by the third megathrust.

What this means is that the tunnel could intersect one heck of a fault, which is unmapped. Geologists tend to map things which appear on the surface - "Hey, that's a neat fault!". But these big faults are so weathered, they are noted by a lack of rock - "Hey, that's a neat valley!".

But right now, for my own purposes, I'm saying - "Go ahead, build the tunnel! There's nothing there! Get that other guy to be your rock consultant! Go for it!" :)

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