Monday, June 15, 2020

Cottage Report - June 15, 2020

Yeah, we are going into another little heat wave.  We're staying up at the cottage because you have to take advantage of a little warmth.  The water is still ice-cold and the fishing is dead.  We are going into horsefly and deerfly season.

My bandwidth isn't great here, but I was going to show that there is no warmth from the Pacific and we are getting a thin blast from the Gulf.


This is great article which says that melting glaciers are causing cooling.  They are greatly confused and stating that something is wrong with the physcis, since the place is cooling and spreading ice.  Neat.

I like to collect articles that state 'Warming is Cooling'.

ps. Tuesday.  A perfect heat wave, no too hot.  The lake is cold, so it is cool at night.  I jumped in for one second.

pps.  a drone video of the glass-smooth lake

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Penny said...

Jealous. Completely.