Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cottage Report

Yeah, it's nice weather for a few days.  I'm trying to put on some stain and I can't have it pouring rain right after.  The nice weather means I'm not catching any fish.  Right now I'm enjoying the effects of Cana-doil, 50% CBD and the dog is finally sleeping.

*I have a tm on Cana-Doil at 50/50 and 5 ml is a strong dose.  This is perfect for old people who don't want to do anything, and live forever not doing it.  :)  The outdoor plants are now starting to bud due to the shortening days.  Next year I can talk about it openly without all this confusion.  :)

**young people should really not touch any of this stuff, since we want them to pay for our Depends.

Day Two - Absolutely a wonderful summer day.  I think that's the second one.  I have my dock tent out and drinking fine great lakes beer.  Maybe the tent has been out 5 times?  I'm getting a lot of stain on.

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