Monday, August 21, 2017

China shoots itself in the foot


This news article explains that the editors of a journal for Chinese scientific consumption were told to take out a lot of articles and they meekly did.  Then there was a ruckus, and weasels suddenly puffed up their chests in the name of freedom.  I now propose that all scientific articles append to the their titles "as pertains to political power in China".

"Latest results in quantum mechanics, as pertains to political power in China".  It is also necessary to add at least one quip:  "Tolerances must be as tight as the central control in China".

Those who wish to keep Russia also ignorant of all scientific progress, should randomly add "Putin is gay", in their articles.  :)

With this effort we don't have to worry about those two countries anymore.

ps.  Ha, news of the big reverse is also being censored.

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