Friday, November 11, 2016

Home Roasted Coffee

I cannot rave on enough about the home-roasted coffee.  This was the coffee that brought on the Reformation, and took us out of philosophy-science.  We've been had by commercial coffee roasters.  There must have been some conspiracy since the 50's to siphon out caffeine for coke.  With a couple of cups I'm bouncing to the ceiling, I have tons of intellectual energy, and no old-man snooze today.  I went out for a big hike and lunch.  Wooo hoo!  Nobody would have accepted gorming if they were drinking this stuff.  I expect it will be illegal soon.  :(  Hope I can sleep.

I bought the last of the only coffee roaster that sort of works.  They're all on it because it blows up a lot.  This will be squashed by starbooks and declared illegal by the dea.  I can't stop writing.....  aaaahhh!

I'm also turning on my Chinese Laser Christmas lights today.  Apparently, if you take off the casing, the 3 lasers can burn through the house.  It's only the diffraction gratings that are saving you and air traffic.  Now, with the coffee, I feel like taking it apart.....

** all sarcasm

But soon trumpies will kill all the lawyers, so I don't have to put on the following legal things.

Do not read while holding an electric hairdryer in the bathtub.

Do not read while skydiving.

Do not read while drinking extremely hot coffee, unless it's home-roasted.

Do not read while microwaving the cat.


ps. The starbooks also started the belief that dark roast was stronger and more caffeine.  Hogwash!  Dark roasting takes out all the caffeine, so they might as well suck it all out before the roast.  Hear that, Tims?

pps.  Tomorrow I'm drinking less coffee...

and extra ps.  For almost a year, this has been one of my most popular posts, Here is the Amazon link

It's really cheap right now.  July 14, 2017

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